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identical fundamental precept applies as for human beings - leaner is higher. A healthful guinea pig have

to feel company to the touch, now not  Erexcin  gentle and wobbly. Methods to make certain that your guinea pig is in appropriate form and no longer obese include enough area (as a minimum three-4 squareft for an adult guinea pig), toys to play with, normal exploration forays outdoor of the cage, and limited meals get right of entry to (for example, feeding two times a day). 2) wrong bedding. Timber shavings mainly, despite the fact that very frequently used, are not an amazing bedding for guinea pigs. They can motive foot sores, accidents to the cavies' sensitive eyes, and timber dust which frequently accompanies shavings reasons breathing (lung) troubles. A few types of wood, which include cedar or redwood, additionally incorporate oily components that also can cause allergic reactions and illnesses with guinea pigs. 1) wrong food. This might be the maximum common cause of ailments and deaths amongst puppy.