Helpful Goods for Beautiful Skin and Hair

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Facial products should be used in the absence of skin problems with the aim of reducing the appearance of blemishes and improving the texture of the skin.

Facial products should be used in the absence of skin problems with the aim of reducing the appearance of blemishes and improving the texture of the skin. It should not be used after being exposed to UV rays. Since it is applied directly to the skin, using it for a long time or too many times in order to improve skin tone can cause excessive rubbing on the surface of the skin, resulting in blemishes and pigmentation. It's best to incorporate it as a special treatment two to three times a week. As a caution for the entire device, please remember that it is not suitable for improving damaged skin.

Facial massager

Face massager products improve lymph flow and blood flow, and stimulate the surface of the skin, which is equivalent to receiving a massage from an esthetician at an esthetic salon. By stimulating the skin, you can expect an increase in collagen from the inside of the skin. It is easy and can be done without anything, but melanin will be deposited where strong friction occurs. Do not overuse it as it can cause blemishes.

Scalp massagers

Products that are used on the head can be expected to promote blood flow through massaging action. When treating thinning hair, people are asked to take medication to improve blood flow, but blood flow promotion using scalp massagers can also be expected to have the same effect on hair growth and regrowth as medication. However, please avoid doing this after being exposed to ultraviolet rays. If the hairline on the top of your head becomes red, you should stop using it.

Optical Beauty Machine

The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases: growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase. The visible hairs are in the growth phase and the regression phase, while the pores are empty in the resting phase. Because of the cycle, hair removal using a light beauty device may not be complete in just one session. Therefore, you should use it repeatedly several times to increase the effect of hair removal. Initially, use it once a week, then once a month as needed, and gradually increase the interval. Be sure to use the product at the right interval and avoid using it if you are exposed to UV rays. It is also important to shield your skin from the sun after the light is applied, as it absorbs UV light more easily and can cause skin irritation. It is safer to avoid UV light for a day or so since your skin is in a different situation than normal. Please take care of your skin with UV protection and moisturizing after use.

Introductory Serum

To enhance the moisturizing effect, an "introduction serum" is effective, which uses ions to soften the keratin and make it easier for the lotion to penetrate. For normal skin, using an introductory serum to soften the keratin and then using lotion and cream will increase the moisturizing effect. As for the skin, the effect will not be seen in a short period of time, so let's use the turnover (rebirth of the skin) as a guide and see how it goes for a while. The turnover cycle is said to be about 28 days for young people and about 45 days for older people.


To take facial care of your skin from the inside, it is recommended to take antioxidant vitamins A, E, and C through diet or supplements. Lycopene also suppresses reactive oxygen species, so drinking tomato juice is also a good idea. UV-B burns heal quickly, but skin aging appears after a long period of time, so I would like you to continue to take care of your skin for a long time and make it a part of your daily care routine.

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