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red wine or a gravity-deficient party-goer Insufficient insurance

You should also think about what you'd do if your celebration was damaged or harmed. Insurance coverage or not You do not want to witness an item
destroyed by a glass of


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Insufficient insurance

Shanna Hennig is Southwest Director of Winston Art Group. She says that not having insurance is the greatest risk for collectors and their collections. She


Continues, "accidents and natural disasters occur. Inadequate or inappropriate insurance, or no insurance in the first place, will make the financial problems


Collectors may feel emotional turmoil."


Most collectors don't get coverage from a specialty carrier. Why should you look into speciality carriers such as AIG and Chubb? Shanna, "Insurance


A company that has extensive valuable articles policies will assure customers that they are covered to protect against financial losses due to this.


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They also assist with theft and destruction of art. But equally as important, they guide clients through the claims process and utilize best-in-class specialists


Storage, transport, restoration and value. The team will assist you through the process of claiming.

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