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Precarity in the economy has been linked with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. In the academic world there's been a constant and especially tense


debate on whether the so-called gig economy is actually better or worse for mental health than full-time employment. Many workers have reported that they feel the


The gig economy offers flexibility that boosts mental health, however, some complain of a lack of stability and anxiety. dailytravelstudy daily travel study Website daily travel study com travelly travel ly Website travel ly us worthtravel 


In a unique way, both salaried employees and gig workers suffer from the precarity in their career choices.


Rise in US unions representing art museums and the creation of new professional platforms for freelance artists.


Art Mavens is an online platform for artists that is focused on professional artists. It was founded by Louise Hamlin and Deborah Najar in 2020, during lockdown.


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Art Mavens aims to build a stronger network of artists professionals. The platform claims to be a "global hub for professionals in the field of art and"


It lets businesses collaborate, connect and transact. It is the premier marketplace for artists and art professionals. The app for community members aggregates art.


Website offers "world information, events and expert"

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