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You should get in touch with your insurance provider

Artwork Archive will help you keep detailed condition reports, images of any damage and other documents in order offering a complete

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Overview of the entire history of an artwork.


Photos of the damaged areas will be required by any restorer that you decide to employ. Many require such documents to give an estimate.


You should get in touch with your insurance provider if you think there's a possibility of you making a claim.


According to Andrei, "Most people want estimates before they bring in paintings. I want photos of the artwork, and also its dimensions.


My charges are per job. The fee, however, is based on past experience. It includes the amount of work required and the difficulty level.


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"I also want to find out who the person who owns the painting is. Sometimes a contractor wants to bring a painting they have damaged inside an apartment.


They might not want to divulge this information to their owners. This would be both a legal issue and an ethical one.


"I also want to know more about the general details of the art, and the materials employed. Are they able to tell whether it's oil paint or acrylic? I need to find out who the

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