brings information about layoffs and budget cuts.

In the absence of the stability of finances or benefits, or even a plan, an inherently and deeply unstable structure can make it difficult to sustain an active and healthy life.


Artists struggle with both ends Maslow's hierarchy. They are expected be vulnerable and open when they are in public. But, they haven't had the ability to convey basic human needs up until recently. helpsinsurance helps insurance Website helps insurance com rightsinsurance rights insurance Website rights insurance com askinginsurance asking insurance Website 


Needs was seen as vulgar and crass.


The Future of Arts Work: How it Will change in 2021 and beyond


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The rambles a pandemic of As on with the no clear end to the BE the seen, the world of art is constantly changing. Every day brings information about layoffs and budget cuts.


After the dust has settled it will be a time for changes to calendars, restructuring, and postponed, canceled events, OVRs and emerging forms online programming


The art world could look completely different.

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