accessory of the summer

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accessory of the summer, in my opinion! They're the most versatile piece and can be worn is so many ways

Flag fashion is often considered to be an accent for sporting occasions and patriotic holidays. Consider American flag bikinis to wear for July Fourth celebrations, or Brazilian flag Tshirts for the FIFA World Cup. Sabrina Strings from the University of California Irvine is Associate Professor of Sociology. She says "It's simple... to be lured into believing that flags just innocently represent our birth countries or our nationality." But, for some BIPOC immigrants or BIPOC communities, carrying the flag on one's sleeves or on the back -- can be an effective political statement. usefulinsurance useful insurance Website useful insurance us thanksinsurance thanks insurance Website thanks insurance us insuranceterms 

Ever Lopez, a Mexican American teenager from North Carolina, was denied his high school graduation certificate in the month of June. Lopez wore the Mexican flag on top of his Asheboro High School graduation gown. According to the school statement, the flag of Lopez violated the dress code of the school. The school gave him his diploma only after a flurry o student activists and classmates rallied to show their support for him.


Head scarves are the #1 accessory of the summer, in my opinion! They're the most versatile piece and can be worn is so many ways: as a top (worn with this turquoise scarf) or as a head wrap in your hair, wrapped around your bag, or even as a bag (I'll share this trick soon), for a belt around your hat - the options are endless! I love the color of this scarf especially with its pink top and bright bottom.


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This is the ideal one-piece option for you all. The cute one-piece, which I ordered for $25, is available in Navy Blue and a Leopard Print. It's super flattering with its waist cinched and is adjustable to your liking. Neutral one pieces can also be used as body suits, making it a great option to make the most of it for excursions to the beach, and other occasions. This is how I accessorized my black piece: a scarf head wrap with sunnies, a chic necklace and a beaded necklace. Beaded jewelry, another great accessory to own is among my current favorite trends.


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