Best Telecommunications Certifications

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When it comes to bringing people and systems together, a network is often needed to make all the right connections and technologies work

When it comes to bringing people and systems together, a network is often needed to make all the right connections and technologies work. However, there is much more than networks involved in the telecommunications certifications and the technologies they cover.

Here, we cover a variety of certifications, including classical telecom and telecommunications networks. Our top five options include a Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) credential and a Master Technician credential that is neutral to the NCTI provider.

You will also read engineering-oriented communication certifications such as the Professional Engineering Internet Protocol (IPEP), the iNARTE Telecommunications Engineer, and a distribution credential from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), originally a construction association. BICSI certification is so high that, for some jobs, it is a requirement of the Department of Defense.

Many of these credentials are more involved than normal networks, as voice and multimedia transmission traffic has some inevitable and important requirements for limited latency and fast delivery. These are required for real-time voice and video communications and for streaming multimedia content to provide a seamless user experience. Therefore, there is an essential component in these credentials for service level, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

There is also a large collection of protocols and services that certified professionals need to know to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot, beyond the usual TCP / IP bases commonly found in network environments connected to the Internet.

We searched various telecom certification worksheets and compiled these results. Keep in mind that they are a snapshot in time and various factors influence them. For example, you can expect to see fewer lists to earn more high-level certifications because fewer people have them. Also, the results vary considerably depending on the worksheet. Although the following table does not reflect this, Cisco CCNA and CCNP and CompTIA Network + certifications appear in many telecommunications job descriptions, along with Featured Certificates, and in some cases are part of the recommended training for our Featured Certificates. Plan.



  • CTNS (TCO)
  • INARTE telecommunications engineer
  • NCTI Master Technician (NCTI)

What can a person expect in the telecommunications sector? Simply Hired reports an average salary of $ 46,490 for telecommunications technicians and $ 93,450 for telecommunications engineers with a maximum of almost $ 136,000. Glassdoor reports similar salaries for technicians at $ 48,645 with slightly lower salaries for engineers at $ 86,527.

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