What 2K has been able to provide is installing the game

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In following these guidelines the players will be able to complete each part of Meet the Designers quest lines. Be sure to check out our entire NBA 2K22 MT Coins guidebooks right here! NBA 2K22 is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 along with Nintendo Switch.

This year's NBA 2K22 the Drama Trade Rumors bug fix has been on the minds of every player who has had to deal with the issue. This makes sense given how destructive the bug could be. It can lock you out of a number of different tasks in the game.

Let alone the quest itself. So, in the following guide we'll offer some suggestions on how you might be able to fix the problem. They have helped some people, so I hope that at least one these tips will help you, as well. Therefore, with no further delay I'll tell you where we're going.

To resolve the NBA 2K22 Drama Trade Rumors glitch that prevents players from completing the task and can even stop the player from doing the things that you can do. One is to play the same Kendrick rant for hours and hours in your smartphone.

In this case, I'm talking about your in-game phone that is not your real-life number. You could also modify your apartment's type by changing the settings. Then watch it again. There are many more options you could accomplish, for instance, run the team in a group exercise or complete an assortment of side tasks, and then watch it again.

As for an "official" solution what Buy NBA 2K MT has been able to provide is installing the game again and/or or clear your cache. It's definitely worth a try if everything other options fail. In any case, it's an enormous annoyance, just one in a number of these issues which players have experienced in the past.