I'm constantly in wrong squads... Sometimes

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I think having certain accessories helps a lot too. This OSRS GP includes that Shadow Silk Hooded. It's not just for you, but for the entire team. For a single person not being able to do it can slow down the dungeon, especially if you're trying to emulate a lever room but the Skeletons keep on attacking their opponents. Non Hooded one.

I'd suggest also working to improve your stats. In addition to combat, you should improve your capabilities as well. Since time is lost in the event that a keyer goes through an entryway and finds you're required to cut the vines, but you're lacking the necessary skills, so you'll need to contact person to help you with this door. Sometimes, they do not have an instrument. This can also save time. For the combat part of the equation. I'm referring mostly to strength/defence. It is only Strength that you can use for the force bar doors or any other rooms that require the skill. Later, you'll be able to defend, and equip better armor or tank more monsters.

It's also important to recognize that how long it will take to become proficient in this area and each dungeon can be distinctive, and requires different strategies to go about it. With the new update I believe it could become easier than before. Since if you are able to find an hooded team of 125+ w/ 90+ Dungeoneering performing occult floors, that aids. Prior to that, you'd need to go with whoever was performing say floor 38. Because that was the only floor you could leave.

I'm aware that my Dungeoneering ability is lower than yours/you may be able to do it faster than I can, but I think this is a great idea and makes sense. There are many small things that you need to be aware of, such as locking doors, or taking the ggs off, etc. It takes some time and you'll find that if you keep working at it , you'll be able to figure it out.

Yeah choccy i know that but thanks for helping nevertheless, and the primary reason that i'm keying is for the sake for finding teams on 148 easily without fighting prejudice. I'd stop keying once i reach 3bo (unless there's a reason to believe that no one is truly keying and everyagrees i could key)

I'm constantly in wrong squads... Sometimes it takes a long time to reach a door. Sometime, a person is unable to declare what they have gated or can take a long time to get teleported. Most of the time there is no one to listen to the making of pots or when I make an order to gate or others, and sometimes there is also a gd. Skills are still a concern in 148. I cannot trust teams in 148 so I generally do dungeons my self, (moving ggs everytime, running keys , etc. ...)

I see a massive drop in the number of Dbones. I'm going to predict that very soon they might go down to 2K. In the longer term you could go even higher than 2k. Prayer is among those capabilities that are heavily dependent on updates to cheap RS gold keep pricing increasing. For instance, when Piety is made available, prices explode, and 1000 gold prices increasing in the span of one day.