You can get a solid 3-5 yards today

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I am perfectly fine with all the newest usering being realistic but the shield in outside of this is way underpowered. Corners and safeties take way too long to react in zone. Except for ones that I have sacked or fumbles I scored pretty much every drive. Offense sometimes didn't respond so there is definitely some bugs not realizing that the chunk is in the place, cpu defenders could be out of place and sometimes they do not respond, although I agree the zone logic was pretty bad. Im not gont lie that the Mut Coins Madden 21 beta wasn't enjoyable for me. Are fine but total Madden 21 felt clunky and also the O LINE IS STILLLL AWFUL.

I played a few hours of H2H and has been always getting screwed by way of a gappers out of cover 0 nickel collection. Blocking the RB ID the Miketeams did nothing. Didn't even have enough time to throw slants or flat routes. I 100% agree. It was refreshing to perform the beta and that I could actually run an offense since a type LB was not cutting off of my paths. I even ran against individuals who tried to play like it is 20 with sending 8 or 7 and trying to user a safety, not only did I easily flashlight his blocking assignment was picked by that but my RB. I had a couple minor bug gripes but nothing severe. Can't wait for the drop tho.

Is it just as polished as madden beta. Idk if you participated in a beta not or before though. If not, I'd say Madden 21. My breakdown is: passing: the most realistic and fluid I have seen in years. At which the WR will allow the ball hit but that will be patched, there a couple of hangs. Precision passing seems fine tuned because the speed of the ball now affects like throws, and you may hit NFL against tight windows, as well as also the user LB is nerfed. They held on to balls a good deal more often, only time I fell them was once I got completely smashed as the pass was grabbed by me.

Run: barring an wonderful o-line, inside zone spamming is lowkey dead. You can get a solid 3-5 yards today. DL discard and is responsive to Cheap Madden NFL 21 Coins. Very few times did I have to develop and fill the hole. Strechs are somewhat more realistic runners can pick up yardage however you've got to use the ability stick to do so, no longer simply running round the border, you have to work for this. Read choices could be the meta tbh, but your success depends on you mastering the ability stick. The skill stick is imo. My runners were very responsive to it and also the combos you can pull off are nasty. Open field is were the skill gap is gont show.