How did you start designing dollhouse furniture

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How did you start designing dollhouse furniture

It's so much smaller than I thought it would be. Can not even imagine how meticulous doing all of the detail was. Well completed OP, you're so blessed! This is Animal Crossing Bells amazing!

. .how is that not on trending? Edit: This seemed like that isn't trending worthy but it definitely is.

I only realized I need Animal Crossing artwork and throw pillows in my house now.

That is SO freakin adorable, omg. I agree with other folks who have said they want zoom out images!

Wow it comes in a box craft set you just need to put it all together. They want that in the states!

I checked the youtube video and that I was already impressed if it had been just a video regarding the ieniemienie-origami you did there. Rly cool! Also liked the other videos! You're amazing at this

Love the tiny little books. They must have been fiddly to make. Edit: after watching the video it looks like the novels were probably the easiest part.

This is so cute!! How did you start designing dollhouse furniture? I have been wanting to do it, but I don't know where to start!

So cute!!! I would like to also say, you put a great deal of work and thought into this, this amazing!

Just interested, why am I getting always down on cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items this sub? It's not the first time either. I don't care to go downvoted when I said something stupid but that I was giving someone a compliment?