Which country India trades most.

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Earlier India was a country that used to work mostly in the agriculture sector. Every other person was engaged in farming and most of the population used to live in rural areas .

But as globalization grew and changes took place things in India changed . As per the import and export data India used to export only few items and quantities to other countries and was also dependent on imports from other countries . 

Today India is a big name in the trade business and has set up many industries as well . It is now a self sufficient country that manufactures its own goods and rely less on imports comparatively . 

Although India is a self sufficient country there are still many things that are not easily available in India . Which India imports .

By doing this India trades with many countries to some countries it exports its good quality products and imports products from some . 

In this post we will look at some of the countries that India trades the most with . Lets look at it below . But before that lets get an overview  of the current state of India’s overall trade shown by the India import and export data . 

Current status of India trade  

India is a country that has good trade relationships with almost all countries and all countries are happy to exchange goods together. 

With the help of port data suppliers we could learn that India is a major country in the trade world . 

In the previous year India imported goods worth nearly $500 billion and exported goods worth  nearly $400 b which was almost 22 % higher . 

India is currently facing a trade deficit but has improved and will improve year by year .

Which countries with India trade most 

When we say which country is the biggest trade partner of India, we instantly think of China !

But things have changed now the country which India trades the most now is USA 

USA is the major trade partner of India . India imports as well as exports goods to USA and both the countries enjoy a great relationship with each other both politically and for trade 

Some of the products that India Export to USA is 




     Metal Items

Products that India import from USA

     Airplane parts

     Gems and jewelry



Other than this both countries are nuclear powers and hold an alliance due to which other countries are conscious of this partnership .

Talking about countries other than USA 

After USA China is the country with which India trades . Even though India doesn’t have a really good bond with China but it makes some really cheap products that can help Indian businesses .

India doesn’t export much in China due to difference that were created after covid 19 

Saudi Arabia , UAE are other two countries that are on top trade list in of India’s trade partners according to the import export data . 

India Imports oil related products from both these countries . From UAE it also imports gold and electronic products as well . 

India exports vegetables,fruits and medicala goods to these countries and the relationship between them is going strong . 


These were the countries that India traded the most with . If you want to read or learn more about it or want to know about the real time statistics then you must visit Siomox .

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