5 Great ways to treat yourself on job promotion

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getting lauded for your hard work is always pleasing. But things get divine if you get a promotion due to your hard work and not just simple appreciation.

Getting lauded for your hard work is always pleasing. But things get divine if you get a promotion due to your hard work and not just simple appreciation. Getting a promotion is beneficial in two main ways, first and foremost monetarily and secondly, a rise in confidence.

With the promotion comes a rise in the salary which leaves you jubilant and adds a little more to your pocket. But the promotion also increases your confidence in yourself and boosts your morale so that you are ready to work even harder to win applause. Thus you must treat yourself after promotion with things that give you immense pleasure.

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4. Self-promotion- You have taken the brunt of your failures all the time without hesitation. Now it is the time for lauding yourself on your achievement. This self-promotion is necessary for you to let the feeling of the rise in income sink in.

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