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Take advantage of the services of the live tv platform of news channels for free! Follow the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

KRT TV has become acquainted with the screens under the name of the Black Sea Television Channel. It has adopted a mission to promote the culture of the Black Sea Region and its people and to make its voice heard to all people. In addition, it has provided more news about the Black Sea region and its provinces and districts, as well as entertainment programs including culture, art and local music and folk dances. since 2014, its mission to become a cultural channel has been strengthened and its name has become Kültür Tv. A culture that appeals to an audience from all age groups
as a channel, it is watched with appreciation and interest.



Tivibu, D-Smart, Digitürk and Türksat are high-quality platforms with a principled and reliable publishing approach
KRT TV izle, which is watched intensively, is distinguished from other local channels by its programs that are followed with interest. The channel's acclaimed programs; 17 with Gokhan Gulbasar.The watch includes Aslı Kurtuluş and the Day Trail, Ülkü Çoban and the Evening News, Zafer Arab and Seyr-i Sabah and Z Reports. These programs present the agenda of the region, the country and the world, the hot developments in the fields of politics, economics, health, life, education, culture-art, science, sports, and current issues on the screens impartially and reliably.

KRT Tv, while carrying all these quality programs to your screens, prefers a technologically sound infrastructure. Expert within the channel moderators, speakers, programme producers working behind the camera, cameraman, director and all the staff in the light of an experienced and knowledgeable staff along with the administrator continues broadcasting continuously for many years with great success. Undoubtedly, the support of its viewers is extremely important in this. The channel, which cares about audience satisfaction, does not neglect to listen to their requests and complaints.


You can watch KRT Tv channel live and in full HD quality on your own website or by subscribing to the you tube channel on the you tube platform. In addition, you can watch KRT Tv for free on live tv sites with an internet channel, only with an internet connection. Frequency information of the KRT TV Channel: Turksat 4A Satellite, frequency: 11855 Mhz, Symbol Rate: 30 000, FEC: 3/4, Polarization: Vertical(V).


Arti TV canlı is a television channel founded by Arti Media GmbH after the closure of many television and radio channels in 2017.

Kanal haber, which started its broadcasting life with the slogan of 'A Free and Independent Media, a Democratic Turkey', continues its broadcasting life with the theme of news. The broadcasting center is located in the city of Cologne, Plus TV broadcasts via the Hotbird satellite.

Many academicians, experts and politicians from Turkey and Germany participated in the programs that were followed with interest, while the channel also includes cultural and art programs in addition to news programs.

Plus, the list of TV broadcasts includes programs such as Media Critical, Current News, Purple Agenda, The Problem of the Day, the Human Rights Agency, Focus, Amenna, Serious Issue, Night Editor.

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