I have 2 slopes left 4 places in your mind and I can not decide

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I have 2 slopes left 4 places in your mind and I can not decide

I have 2 slopes left 4 places in your mind and Animal Crossing Items I can not decide. . So I guess it will only be like this forever and take a ladder everywhere

If they are not going to give us more inclines, then I wish they'd at least let us put ladders up against the side of cliffs so we are able to climb them without having to carry one around.

Yeah some people really liked how it was glitched so it may be neat if they added a new rug/floor that did similar things with symbolizing the wall in the future but it kinda sucked for those that actually wanted to use that rug as ordinary.

They should at least make it so if you speak to two villagers of the same personality type at a row that they won't give you the exact same bit of conversation since the prior vlager did.

It is crazy how little dialogue is in this game compared to all the previous games. Like, it almost feels as though the objective was to spot in dialog post-launch, but just forgot about it.

I think you simply don't find it just as much since they prioritise making your villagers discuss what you've been around, like burying bells or digging up fossils.

It does? Not to come off as rude but have you got a source? The dialogue really feels more stale than NL and I have played that more than NH.

And to add on to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket that, they get all Mean Women on you, should you speak to them a lot of. Like, I really don't play to get my feelings hurt, therefore I try to not talk to my villagers over 1-2 times every day. _.