7 Smart Ways to Revolutionize your Mobile App with Superb Push Notifications Strategies

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Mobile app development is a realm that has spread its roots to a vast number of elements. One of those elements includes the use of Push Notifications.

Mobile app development is a realm that has spread its roots to a vast number of elements. One of those elements includes the use of Push Notifications. These push notifications play a pivotal role in informing the user about different things such as any new update on the product or some offers related to the product to invoke the user to open the app. There are many ways to implement push notifications, we shall share the best ways in this guide.

Easy-Peasy Hacks to master the Art of Push Notifications

Given below are some amazing push notifications hacks that have led to successful mobile app development:

1.Limited Time offer

If you want to increase user engagement, so this feature is surely going to help you. You can simply send the push notifications about any offer which is limited to a particular time period. The user will open the app only if they find something valuable for them. However, avoid sending these push notifications every time using this feature every time will directly affect user engagement.

2.Showing your user that your app is the best

User engagement can be increased by making your user engaged in the app. It will take no time to your user to use the other competitor app if he finds your app of no use. If you want to avoid this situation, show the user, that's why your app is best among all other apps. This can be done by sending the notifications to the users, to tell about the new updates or new feature of the app, that will compel the user to open or use your app regularly.

3.Make them personal

Maybe your app has the highest number of downloads, but low retention which means that the users dont use apps frequently. Here, push notifications game starts. You can send a notification to your users to remind them of your app. Another feature to increase user engagement is to send personalized notifications. For this, you have to collect some data and have to do some research work. Notice the user activity, which will let you know the wants and needs of your customer. Then send the notifications to them as according to their need or behavior on the app. This will create a good image of your app that you care about their needs and are available for them every time.

4.Go beyond the usual suspects

According to a recent study, a user receives an average of 63.5 notifications per day. Users already receive a lot of notifications which they usually ignore. But in order to increase user engagement, the only way is the push notifications but you can also send your push notifications in such a way that it will compel the user to open that. You have to send the rich push notifications that make you different from the rest by using GIFs, maps, videos or images. You just have to grab the attention of the user. Thats all.

5.The right message at the right time

Doing all the right things at the right time is called smartness. Usually, people do so many things on time, but things done rightly at the right time is also important. As with the increased usage of the internet, we find that most of the users remain online every time. But that doesnt mean that you can send notifications to them anytime.

As sometimes doing anything in an excessive form can be dangerous. Similarly, if you send the push notifications on a regular basis or anytime, it can create a bad impact on your app or the user may get irritated. So, it is essential to notice the time, when the users usually remain online.

6.Give more options

Do not start sending the push notifications, just after the user installs the app. Take some time to analyze the user activity and then only send them the notifications according to that. Always ask your users the question, whether they would like to receive notifications or not. Also, provide them an option to off the push notifications. Because if they get no option of letting off the notifications so they might get irritated and uninstall your app.

7.Notify about App Updates

This is also a very important feature of increasing user engagement. You can also send a notification to the user and remind them to update the app to enjoy certain new features.Let the users know about the updates in the app. Because many users ignore the message and most of the time some users dont know when to update the app as they have no option of automatic app updates turned on.

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