Watch out for links, friend requests and internal apps

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The internet is full of threats, fake news (LINK) and controversial sites, so you must always be on the back foot.

Some important precautions involve mistrust. The internet is full of threats, fake news (LINK) and controversial sites, so you must always be on the back foot.

Some classic measures need to be remembered, they are:
1. Don't accept friendship from everyone who sends you an invitation.

2. Watch out for links in timelines and chat (remember: the more impressive the title of the link or content it intends to present, the greater the chances of being a scam or phishing scam)

These two procedures already help to reduce threats considerably, however, there is another important point, which is not always taken into account by users: the internal applications of the networks.

The Computer Systems Analyst will collaborate with personnel and management staff to clarify, prioritize and design alternatives. The analysts will coordinate and link the computer systems within the organization to share the information and increase compatibility.

Have you ever taken a quiz or used any tool on Facebook and been surprised by a request?
These are internal applications, which are developed to use one or more information from your profile to deliver some content to the user. Always be wary of this type of application.
Want to learn more about the impact of internal applications on Facebook? So, we invite you to find out more about the case of the “myPersonality” app and Cambridge Analytica.

Final tips
To close the text, it is worth mentioning some other points that deserve reflection on the part of companies:

1. Don't forget the scope of the networks. Content that is apparently harmless to you can be very offensive to other people. Be careful with themes.

2. As much as it is possible to delete information, what a company shares can be seen by people before the “delete”, so always have discretion before posting any content.

3. Always remember to protect the company's image and separate it from personal opinions, even more so in the face of controversial issues.

Having a profile on social networks is a great way to interact with customers, perform digital service and attract new customers, however, they also have their dark side that demands care. Be sure to take the necessary steps to strengthen the security of your business profile and always talk to employees who have access to the page, so that they are aware of the responsibility that is in their hands!