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In this blog, we have discussed everything about javascript including "WHAT IS JAVASCRIPT USED FOR?"

One of the most popular languages ​​on the market now is Javascript. A firm is graphically represented for all languages ​​in the graph below. JavaScript is the second option on the list. It is mostly employed in the development of websites and web apps.

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Top 5 Uses of JavaScript

web development

Web pages are made using the client programming language known as JavaScript. It was created by Netscape as a stand-alone language. It is used to add special effects to pages like rollover, roll out, and many forms of graphics when a webpage needs to be made dynamic. All websites primarily use it for validation purposes. It allows external programs like PDF documents, widgets that run, support for Flash apps, and other things in addition to validations. Without ever reloading the page, it may load content into a document anytime the user requests it.

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Web Applications

Since personal computers and web browsers have advanced technologically, a language is now necessary to build reliable web applications. The user only needs to click and drag the mouse to navigate a map in Google Maps. All detailed views are accessible with a single click. Thanks to JavaScript, this is feasible. It engages with the browser without communicating back and forth with the servers. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are used by JavaScript to give the code additional capabilities.


Additionally, JavaScript allows for the creation of websites that act as presentations. Building a web-based slide presentation is made possible with JavaScript's RevealJS and BespokeJS frameworks. HTML-based presentations made using Reveal.js are among the most stunning and engaging. Nesting slides is a simple process for the user. With so much support available online, anybody can quickly create a website even if they have no programming experience. These presentations have been built for touch and are very compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. JavaScript also offers several transitional themes, slide backgrounds, and transitional styles in addition to all of this. The entire CSS colour palette is supported. Additionally, JavaScript offers a wealth of features for the Bespoke.js plugin. These include dynamic lists with animated bullets, responsive resizing, and code sample syntax highlighting.

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Server Applications

Node JS is designed to construct quick and scalable network applications and is built on Chrome's Javascript runtime. It makes use of server-based, event-driven, lightweight, and effective applications that are spread across the systems. To manage HTTP requests and provide content, Javascript is employed. A user may even write the logic in JavaScript on the server when creating complex client-side applications in JavaScript so that mental translations between the two languages are possible.

Web Servers

A web server can be built using Node JS. Node JS has the benefit of being event-driven and not waiting for the outcome of a prior call. It switches to the subsequent call while utilising events to receive notifications when a response is received for the preceding call. The Node JS-based servers are extremely quick, don't use buffering, and transport data in chunks. Additionally, it utilises an event loop that is single threaded and non-blocking. The createServer() method of the HTTP module can be used to assist in the creation of a server. Every time someone tries to access port 8080, this procedure is run.

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Given all of the aforementioned uses for JavaScript, it should be very obvious that this is one language that is here to stay. With all the capabilities in frontend and backend development, JavaScript aids in supporting both and helps in developing some of the best applications that can be used globally.

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