Definition Essay - A Short Guide for Beginners

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Definition Essay - A Short Guide for Beginners

A definition essay is written to provide a definition of a certain term for the readers. This type of college essay gives a detailed description of the term along with examples or facts. Such detailed explanation is needed when the selected term is special, disputed, abstract or does not have a common meaning. Let’s consider the words ‘abuse’ and ‘freedom’. The definition essay for these words would be completely different. 

If you are new to definition essays and don’t know how to write essay for me, the guidelines will help you craft a perfect essay quickly. 

Select a term that you want to write your definition essay on. If you have not decided on the topic yet, you can choose from the following essay topics and ideas. 


The romance between man and woman.

The non-importance of money.

Features of a happy family.

Families with a single child.

The role of television in family communication.

Describe the characteristics of true friendship. 

What makes a good person?

Explain what patriarchy is.

What is colonization?

What was the arab spring?

How can you define monarchy?

Use different sources to see how the term that you have selected is normally defined. Then try to combine the definitions and come up with your own unique explanation. 

In the introduction, present the term that you are going to define and explain. 

In the body paragraphs, give the readers with the relevant information about the description of the term. Along with the description, highlight the cases in which the term is used. You can provide some historical information about the origin and evolution of the term in the literature. You can also point out any common mistakes in the definition of the term. 

Mention some interesting examples that can help you completely explain the definition to the readers.  


Follow the above guidelines whenever you are assigned to write a definition essay. You can also get professional help from an essay writing service if you still are not getting the concept right. 


Definition Essay Writing Tips 

Do not copy the definition of the term that you find in dictionaries or online. If you cannot come up with a new meaning for the term of your own then you can use the definitions that already exist. 

The best approach for writing a definition essay is to choose a term that you already know something about. In this way, it would be easy for you to define the term rather than writing about the term you know nothing about. 

There are different ways that can be used to define a term such as through its function, nature, or structure.  You can also define the specified term with what it does not mean or by making a comparison with other similar words. 

You can follow a predefined structure. It would help you to present the term in a logical manner. Like other academic essays it also includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 

It is better to narrow down the term if it is too broad. Remember you have to write your essay in a limited word count so you need to cover the term in that required word count. 

Don’t forget to use transition words to connect the body paragraphs of an essay together. 

Do not come up with a definition that is entirely different. Do not be afraid to be creative but make sure the information you come up with should make sense. 

Do not ignore the importance of examples in this type of essay when completing ‘write my essay’ tasks. Term related examples will help you provide a clear and detailed explanation to help the readers understand it completely. 

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