MK8D is barely any different to MK8

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MK8D is barely any different to MK8, which is nearly 7 years old today. We are in Animal Crossing Bells need of a new one way over we need Splatoon 3. Hell, even when they added new DLC to MK8D, I would take that.

Why is Mario Golf so damn ugly? The holes are dead and empty, and the match uses the homogeneous art style that New Super Mario Bros. introduced into the detriment of the franchise. So many Mario games seem so dull and lack any kind of character today.

If Mario Golf has (adequate ) online, AND turns out to be REALLY great, I may get it. If not, then Pokemon Snap is your sole Switch exclusive announced for this year that I will be buying.

I'm not sure what's more annoying to see, the people who exaggerate how bad the guide was or allllllll the smug comments that inevitably come where people talk about"fanciful expectations" and the way everyone that is even a little disappointed"deserves it" for hoping for over even the bare minimum. The ones which feel like they must defend Nintendo at every turn as it is all our fault we get disappointed, it is not possible that perhaps Nintendo just failed to Cheap Nook Miles Ticket impress a large swathe of people because the material they showed was just not as exciting as it might have been, after such a long time without a overall direct.

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