The rapid growth of social male sex doll sales

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According to various reports, the sales of love doll have increased substantially. This may be because schools and workplaces have begun to stop activities and people are required to stay at home.

The rapid growth of social male sex doll sales

During this coronavirus pandemic, not all companies have seen a sharp drop. In fact, several different industries are growing, including the sex doll industry. Many people have no choice but to stay at home alone or with someone. Some people want to do things that only the bed or bedroom wall can see. They may not have mastered the art of social distancing, but they may have mastered other things.

If you think New Zealand is the only place where sex toy sales have skyrocketed, you need to know that Australia’s adult doll industry has also seen a surge. Similar to what happened in New Zealand, this was caused by the blockade and social distancing imposed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

According to various reports, the sales of love doll have increased substantially. This may be because schools and workplaces have begun to stop activities and people are required to stay at home. For example, it is reported that Charlotte Graham-McLay of The Guardian tripled the sales of sex doll in large sex toy stores in New Zealand. This happened after New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a month-long blockade.

It should be noted here that sex toy hypermarkets are different from virgin hypermarkets. The large sex toy store where you can buy sex doll online is located in New Zealand.

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After the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced similar implementation measures, the country experienced substantial growth. Sales of sex doll in Denmark and Colombia have also surged. Obviously, sex doll are becoming part of more people's shopping lists.

Survey shows a surge in the life size sex doll industry

Tracy's Dog is not a real dog, but an American sex toy company that publishes anonymous survey results. The subjects of the survey were 877 people. Of these, 47% are from the United States, 32% are from Europe, 13% are from Asia, and the remaining 8% are from Australia.

The survey found that 62% of the 877 respondents already own sex doll. The remaining 57% that have not been purchased will be purchased during the quarantine period. In addition, 62% of respondents who already own sex doll said that they use sex doll more frequently.
In fact, some people are not embarrassed by what they want to do. If you haven't noticed, people will use this type of sex toy to help masturbate or have sex with someone.

In addition, it is worth noting that it is not clear how the interviewees in this study represent the general population. So you can go to a place to count, and assume that more than half of them have mini sex doll. If you do this, images that the disinfectant cannot erase may infect your brain. Nonetheless, the results of a study conducted by Tracy's Dog show that if you are helping to polish railings, dial a rotary phone, or disable gaps, you are alone. Show that there is no such thing.

Should the sales of luxury cheap sex dolls soar during ballroom dancing?

Why do we need to increase sales of sex doll within social distance? After all, sex doll are not like alcohol, disinfectant or toilet paper rolls. Therefore, it seems a bit tricky to store sex doll in the same way that people store their needs. It can also be embarrassing if you have roommates or roommates, or if you are looking at a wide-angle lens that zooms in on the room. Of course, the question of "Are there sex doll out there?" is a difficult question. In addition, if you treat sex doll like used toilet paper, you are doing a very bad thing.

On the contrary, more narcissism and other sexual activities may occur. In addition, people may be trying to find ways to increase diversity during intercourse.