It's an established fact that Capes for Accomplishment

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Mining and Smithing: These were both RS gold used to make arms and weapons in the Middle Age. However, coal was discovered two years after, in 1850. Construction: Building was an extremely popular skill within the game, as well as during the Medieval Era. This is just a small selection of the abilities used during the Middle Age. Know I will look at a few Quests set within the Medieval Era.

Mountain Daughter Mountain Daughter: A camp that is like the Middle Age is located in the region where the quest begins. To honour the Gods the Gods, a Statue was erected close to the Chief's Hut. More quests needed.

The time is near! I will now describe some of my ideas. Sailing: A lot of people loved creating and sailing boats during the Middle Ages. Making them was considered to be a skill. Entertainment Juggling, Wrestling and Bear Dancing are three forms of Medieval entertainment. RuneScape offers all the equipment needed (Jester Suit for Juggling, and Wrestling Rings fromWrestling). Thanks for taking the time to read.

It's an established fact that Capes for Accomplishment have led to a significant increase in RuneScape's 99s. Part of that might be because there's a lot more people now than in the latter half of 2006, but the majority of 99s are due to people want a skill cape.

There aren't that many people who have trained an ability to 99, because they are passionate about that ability. When I spoke with people about achieving an 89, the majority of them stated that they disliked the lower levels. It's not worth the effort in case you don't enjoy it. It's just a game. It's not an opportunity to earn an eagle. It might be a means to gain some credibility but your standing will be diminished when the 99 are considered as 'buyable'.

Let me move on to the second aspect. A 99 is 99. All require effort and time, but certain skills require more. Some people are relegating themselves because they have 99 skills in Fletching or cooking. Is it due to the fact that buy OSRS gold a skill that is 99 is now a requirement in recent years?